...innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Work together within a cooperation, like a partnerschip!
The above is not only important for our ultimate customers, but certainly also for the cooperation with our suppliers. We do not see them as accidental supplier of products, but as a partner for the long term.
Within our three product groups, Transport and Storage, Pick and Sort and Measure and Weighing systems, we have selected important partners via this method, over the last twenty years. We have selected them with the correct mentality (deal is a deal), reliable products (quality) and service minded (reliability).

We can say, real partnership!

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Ideas for the development of, e.g. an ergonomic wokplace. The 3P-concept fits seamlessley with this (Pick - Pack - Palletize).
  • Obtaining order and location orders via the hands and head free barcode scanner (ScanWatch)
    • more logical and clear. Only important information is shown
  • Taking multiple orders with the batch pick cart (Scango-Cart)
    • more efficient - less walking - time saving
  • Using a gravity conveyor to get the order pick boxes to the packing tables
    • sign out in the ERP system by one move via an omnidirectional (hands free) barcode scanner
  • Packing on a height adjustable work table
    • plano boxes available within range
  • Palletising boxes via a height adjustable lift table
    • no overloaded towing, turning and lifting.
Reducing a possible absenteeism and reduction of too heavy work could be a nice outcome of our implemented solutions.

People first.
We carry the motto "People First" by the development of several devices to let the work take place in a responsible manner. Where the following starting points apply:

  • Human & Logistics
  • Human & Information
  • Human & Innovation
  • Human & Systems 
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Unfortunately we can not show you any Practical show cases in English yet!
But in Dutch and German we do.