...logitrade delivers solutions!

logitrade logistic systems b.v. delivers solutions

Transport systems
By combining years of experience with a wide range of transport systems products, Logitrade may develop, deliver and install custom-made solutions in a relatively short period. 
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Storage systems
The last twenty years we have selected key partners to realise Storage systems with their reliable products.
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Flow racks
Flow rack systems for boxes, bins and unpacked products. Flow racks will always be custom made. 
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Pick and Sort systems
As system integrator, following the principal of "People First", Logitrade will always present the best solution to customers.
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Measuring and Weighing systems
As "Volume Weighing Company", Logitrade has more than twenty years of experience in Measuring & Weighing of products and goods. Depending on your processing quantities of products, cartons or pallets, a workable solution will be proposed. The latter course with the best returns. Click on the image for more information.